3 methods of Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

To boot Windows 10 maybe new, in safe manner but this feature is available since Windows 95.

While one can say it’s evolved with the Windows’ future versions, but the core is still the same.

You might find its presentation and has changed a lot with Windows 10 edition.

When you are using Windows 10 for the first time, you’d like to install so many apps or try to remove, repair, or enhance a number of the system features or apps.

Within this course of time, you might have encountered a number of the issues like virus attack, slow online speed, or some sort of bugs.

So, to solve or identify such difficulties, Windows 10 safe mode is necessary. Click here

What is the secure mode in Windows 10?

Windows 10 mode is an environment which allows you to diagnose problems.

Additionally, Windows 10 mode prevents your Windows problems from becoming worse.

Windows 10 Safe Mode isn’t a high tech quality which requires a skill without any assistance, you can manage it.

Unlike operating systems, once you boot trigger Windows 10 mode that is secure and your System you can’t be able to get any third-party programs or drivers.

You can be in a position to access features and only programs .

You can now identify which programs are making a issue, after you have launched Windows 10 in protected mode or the problems are in the Windows operating system.

When to start your computer in a secure manner?

There would be. Safe mode is a diagnostic instrument to troubleshoot the problem in Windows 10.

It could be the best place to start Though not every problem you can solve with Windows 10 manner.

Then the issues are related to drivers and the Windows default setting when you encounter any problem in a manner.

However , if the problem doesn’t replicate exactly the same then likely the problem is with applications and software.

Sometimes you might be fighting with Windows 10 display when you are trying to start up.

You might encounter so many issues as hardware drivers got corrupt; one application is conflicting with another app, and so on.

We had discovered exactly what the purpose of Windows 10 safe manner is when we had the most.

We will learn the process.

There are 3 ways to launch Windows 10 in secure mode:

  1. Boot Windows 10 in safe mode when you can’t boot normally
  2. Launch Windows 10 in safe manner via regular mode
  3. Boot in protected mode Windows 10 via the sign-in screen

Method 1: To Restart Windows 10 in safe mode as you can not boot normally

When you can’t manage to boot Windows normally, this method is helpful, or you are currently facing a blue screen.

To start Windows 10 in safe mode, follow the steps below:

Bear in mind, you need to hold the power button down for 5 seconds to turn the PC off.

Step 2: Repeat the above procedure for at least twice to launch an automated fix screen. In addition, the Automatic Repair Screen will shoot up in the first instance only when the Operating System faces any acute issue.

Measure 3: Here, you can able to see the screen showing”Preparing automatic fix.” Mainly, here Windows attempt to fix itself.

Measure 4: Currently, it will diagnose your PC for any problems. You have to wait till it gets finished.

Step 5: Here, you will notice the startup repair display. At this time, you need to click “Advanced option” to start the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) screen.

Measure 6: On a Windows RE screen, click “Troubleshoot. ”

Measure 7: Next, it is going to seem to troubleshoot the screen. Here, click on”Advanced option”

Measure 8: Now it will look”Advanced choices ” screen, here click “Startup settings”

Measure 9: Now, the”Startup Settings” display will appear with a list of alternatives. Here, if you want to enable safe mode without media, then press , or in the event that you want to allow the safe mode with networking, then press on 5 .

Method 2: Launch Windows 10 in protected mode from ordinary mode

But you still wish to boot up Windows in safe mode, then it’s possible to embrace the below methods, if your Windows 10 is starting as normal.

  1. Using the machine configuration application
  2. Boot operating system with Advanced startup method

Method to set up the system setup tool.

The system configuration tool will permit you to boot PC.

You can follow the below method to configure your system configuration tool.

step 1: You can press on Win + R to start the run dialog and then type in”MSConfig” and then click OK. It will open the System Configuration Tool.

step 2; Here, assess”Safe boot” under Boot choices and then click OK.

step 3: Then, it will prompt a window to restart your PC. Click here “Restart” to boot your pc in safe manner.

Boot operating system with Advanced startup method

Your option starts Windows 10 in safe manner using Advanced startup.

Step 1: Press Win + I to start Windows 10 setting then click on”Update & Security. “step 2: Now, click “Recovery” from the left pane and then move to”Advanced startup.”

Method 3: Windows 10 in safe manner through the sign-in display

As soon as you have launched your PC and reached till login screen, then from here , you can able to start Windows in safe mode.

For this, you can follow the aforementioned steps.

step 1: In the login screen, hold Shift key and then click on the power button from the bottom right corner of this display.

Step 2: Next, follow step 6 to step 9 from method 1 to begin Windows 10 in protected mode.


Before we used to get an button to start windows in safe mode You’d be thinking about.

But that method is applicable till Windows 7.

In Windows 10 version, the F8 key has been disabled after that.

The sole reason is to maintain the Windows boot time faster. Windows 10 boot functions than any other previous version of Windows, as you can see.

However, Microsoft has not eliminated the F8 choice in Windows 10 variant. It’s still there, and the only thing you have to do is to activate it.

Bear in mind, after activating the F8 key in Windows 10, the boot time will increase. However if the F8 key is not needed, then, in the future, you can disable it

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